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Press Releases

NEW: Metallic Cake Glaze

Metallic Cake Glaze without Palm

Helmstadt-Bargen, 06.05.2019. Decocino is launching a completely new type of cake glaze using dry fondant as its basis. ... read more... go back

The new Decocino cake glaze makes it easy for baking fans to coat cakes, tarts, biscuits and muffins with a delicate, shiny matte metallic glaze. The glaze is made using dry fondant, without the vegetable fats used in conventional glazes, such as palm oil or palm fat.
The preparation method is also new: the powder is mixed with cold water - without warming in a bain-marie, boiling or adding colouring powders or lustre powders. Decocino Metallic Cake Glaze has a slightly sweet taste, which can be improved with lemon juice and baking aroma according to taste. 
The glaze is highly versatile, and can also be used on ice cream and desserts. The glaze is available in three colours - rose, blue and silver This totally new product from Dekoback is uniquely placed in the European food retail sector. The recommended retail price (RRP) is Euro 2.79 for a 65 g bag.

Spring Home Baking Highlights

That´s New

Helmstadt-Bargen, 11.02.2019. Easter, Mother´s Day and the Berry Season - spring is a perfect time for baking. It´s nice to know that some new decorative home baking products are on offer. ... read more... go back

Decocino is starting the new baking season with a whole range of product highlights. As a specialist for stylish baking ingredients and decorations, Dekoback presented its new products at the International Sweets & Snacks Trade Fair (ISM), held in January 2019 in Cologne, Germany. The following three products were very well received by trade fair visitors:

Clear Cake Jelly Glaze Spray

Right at the start of the berry season, Decocino is launching the Clear Cake Jelly Glaze Spray for all berry lovers. The spray is the first of its kind and a wonderful alternative to traditional cake glaze in powdered form. No mixing, no heating, no waiting. Just spray on the Decocino glaze spray. Your berry cake is ready to serve and eat. The cake glaze creates fabulous effects on fruit salads too. The spray is incredibly easy to use for glazing fruit, snacks, baked goods and many other items. Made with agar, a vegetable gelling agent, the spray is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The recommended retail price (RRP) is Euro 4.99 for a 75 ml can.

New on the market in Europe

Decocino has continued a U.S. success story by being the first to sell “Gold Stars”, “Silver Stars” and “Pink Hearts” glittery confetti in Europe´s supermarkets. Sprinkle on some glittery stars and hearts for a lovely sparkly look on cakes and pastries.  The sparkling confetti have a wide variety of applications - on cream, toppings, icing, coatings and directly on to baked goods of all kinds. Ideal for birthday cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, party pastries and lots more. The recommended retail price is Euro 3.99.

Novelty figure Alpaca

Decocino has introduced a novel alpaca decorative figure to its baking range. Decocino cake decorations are high-quality and safely packaged. The pieces are hand decorated and full of small, lovingly applied details. Add variety to decorating with two differently coloured alpacas in each packet. Turn plain muffins and cakes into beautifully decorated baked goods in a jiffy, just as you like them. The decorations have a recommended retail price of € 3.99.

Strong Seller

The youngster creating a stir

Helmstadt-Bargen, 06.02.2019. In just five years, Dekoback has established itself as a leading provider of cake decorations for food retailers and drugstores in Germany. ... read more... go back

Dekoback is 2018 one of the strongest sellers in the cake decoration segment in Germany. The company has established itself as a leading provider of cake decorations for food retailers and drugstores with a blend of trendy packaging, exciting product innovations, social media campaigns and high-reach partnerships, including Sally the food blogging star.  The market segment grew by approx. € 1.4 million in 2018 compared to the previous year. Around € 1 million of the increase in sales was generated by Dekoback. This figure corresponds to 72% of the increase. The “Decocino” baking brand has made this recently founded company a strong seller in the sector.

Dekoback GmbH was founded in 2009 as a trading platform dealing solely with non-food baking goods. During 2012 the company began to specialise in the development and sale of edible and non-edible decorations for baked goods. Online trading with non-food baking articles has been suspended in the meantime.

Dekoback´s own “Decocino” brand focusses on baking decorations and ingredients developed by our own specialists. Edible butterflies, flowers, unicorns, teddy bears & co., sugar pearls and sprinkles, muffin and cake discs, rolling fondant and food colouring pastes have been developed to appeal strongly to a target group enjoying creative, customised baking. Baking items based on famous films such as Star Wars and Frozen are also part of the range, as are new, smart versions of traditional additives such as vanilla extract, non-stick baking spray and food adhesives.
Dekoback home baking products are sold to customers under the brand name “Decocino” primarily through domestic and foreign trading partners in the stationary food retailing business. The organic baking brand “caBIOke” has also been on the market since 2016. Decocino products can be purchased in many retail outlets in German speaking countries, including Edeka, Globus, Kaufland, Markant, Migros, Mueller, Penny, Real and Rewe. The products are sold at around 30,000 outlets worldwide.

NEW: Sugar sprinkles

Shake it baby!

05.07.2017. Decocino launches decorative sugar sprinkles in a trendy packaging with eight different designs. ... read more... go back

Decocino’s new range of sugar sprinkles are almost too pretty to eat! The totally up-to-the-minute packaging fits perfectly in the hand, while the sprinkles themselves are easy to dispense and measure out correctly. The stackable packaging can be resealed via a convenient screw top. There are eight different designs of sugar sprinkles, from glossy pearls with a luxurious, matte shimmering effect in a choice of pink, white, or light-blue; multi-coloured mini butterflies, mini hearts and mini diamonds, as well as the traditional nonpareil and sprinkle mix verieties.

The new Decocino sugar sprinkles are available immediately at €1.49 RRP in leading specialist stores and grocery stores.


NEW: Gum paste

Mould flowers and figures like the pros

27.04.2017. DECOCINO launches its versatile gum paste for the retail market. ... read more... go back

Decocino’s new gum paste is the ideal product for bakers and pros. It can be rolled very thin without tearing, as well as being extremely easy to work with. A little practice is all it takes to create simple roses, flowers, leaves, letters, numbers, and other small decorative elements. Due to its high elasticity, it is also suitable for artistic floral creations. When mixed with sugar paste in a one-to-one ratio, the result is modelling fondant that can easily transform character ideas into reality. There’s also no limit on colouring options, as Decocino paste offers unlimited dyeing options with our food colouring pastes.

The product has been available in leading specialist stores and grocery stores since March 2017 with an RRP of €3.99.


NEW: Cabioke organic label

Organic quality sugar paste

05.04.2017. With its new organic brand, Cabioke, Dekoback now offers the chance to enjoy cake decorating products with organic quality. ... read more... go back

Instead of Grandma’s apple pies, cupcakes and intricately designed tarts are making their way to the tea table more and more. The new style of creative baking is on an upward trend, particularly with a younger audience, and, with its Cabioke organic sugar paste,  Dekoback now offers the chance to enjoy decorative products in organic quality.

The baking market has been in a state of flux for years. Traditional baking products are seeing an ongoing decline in demand: instead, colourful decorations, edible cake toppings and sugar paste are taking over on the supermarket shelves. The new interest in baking has also transformed the target audience, to include many more young bakers, and this transformation is down to the many baking bloggers and YouTubers who share their ideas – and their baking creations – digitally. Baking videos in particular are enjoying massive popularity. Europe’s most successful baking YouTuber is Sally Özcan, and her German-language YouTube channel “Sallys Welt” (“Sally’s World”) has over a million subscribers, with her videos being watched over 15 million times per month.

With such a high level of interest in baking, it’s no wonder that the “creative baking ingredients” segment has also experienced dynamic growth in the retail sector. In 2016, it reported double-digit growth with new, trendy products constantly being launched.

With Cabioke’s organic sugar paste, nutrition-conscious baking enthusiasts can make their creative baking ideas a reality. With Cabioke’s organic sugar paste, nutrition-conscious baking enthusiasts can make their creative baking ideas and try their own versions of the recipes from Sallys Welt and other baking bloggers.

Cabioke sugar paste is easy to work with. It is extremely elastic, which means that it resists tearing and adapts its shape to fit any cake exactly. Cabioke sugar paste is free from palm oil and certified as organic in accordance with the DE-ÖKO 022 standard.

Cabioke organic sugar paste is available from March 2017 in leading specialist stores and grocery stores with an RRP of €3.99.


Product Innovation Prize

Decocino edible glue named top innovation 2016

09.02.2017. The edible, easy to use Decocino glue has received the highest score for dry goods at the “2016 Product Innovation Prize” awarded by the Austrian Handelszeitung in the category of “Flour desserts and baking ingredients.” ... read more... go back

This innovative product has been winning over baking enthusiasts and buyers for food retailers with clear product benefits. The edible glue is easy to use, with a neutral taste. It sticks quickly and securely and is highly productive. Attaching sugar, fondant, marzipan, modelling chocolate, edible paper or wafer baking decorations to cakes, muffins, and the like, becomes child’s play. Decocino edible glue is therefore the ideal addition to the creative baker’s toolset.

As an independent journal for the food retail sector in Austria, Handelszeitung prepares an annual ranking of the most innovative products, which is based on the assessments of buyers for leading Austrian food retailers.

With cumulative growth of 14%, creative baking products are the highest-growth sector in the baking products market in Austria. Dekoback offers innovative products to allow traditional food and specialist retailers to keep up with current trends. With a range that extends to over 100 products, the company is the driving force behind growth in the segment, including in Austria. In addition to its constant innovation, this growth is attributable to the company’s close collaboration with Germany’s best-known YouTuber and food blogger, Sallys Welt (“Sally’s World”). Sally is the well-known and highly effective brand spokesperson for Decocino products with over 15 million monthly viewers.