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Press Releases

NEW: Baking tins in radiant mint

Decocino’s Mint Edition

Helmstadt-Bargen, 23.03.2023. The new Decocino Mint Edition bakeware brings glamour to every kitchen. The radiant mint green colour and the smooth, shiny surfaces radiate good humour and have a captivating feel. The curved shapes and rounded edges complement the modern retro-look design. ... read more... go back

Colour highlights for every kitchen

The springform tins, muffin tins, baguette tins and mini baguette tins make it child’s play to bake fine cakes, pies, muffins, baguettes, hot dog buns and many other delicious baked goods. The baking tins are made of heavy carbon steel and are therefore particularly stable and durable. The special Swiss non-stick coating ensures excellent heat conduction and perfect baking results. The baked goods are easy to remove from the moulds. Intelligent details ensure perfect handling. Thanks to the closure made of high-quality stainless steel, the springform tins can be opened and closed with ease.

The bases of the springform tins also look beautiful as serving plates on the coffee table. The extra high rim prevents fruit or cheesecakes from overflowing during baking.

The muffin tray made of coated carbon steel also brings colour into the kitchen. The Decocino muffin baking tin is dipped in bright mint green colour all around. It fits in any oven and is perfect for baking 12 delicious muffins or cupcakes. Thanks to the non-stick coating, the muffins come off the edge easily.

The baguettes become super crispy in the baguette baking moulds. The moulds made of non-stick carbon steel are perforated all around, which ensures a crispy bread crust. Large baguettes, ciabatta rolls or hot dog rolls are easy to make and get the perfect shape.

The new Decocino Mint Edition baking tins will be available in stores, on Amazon and in the Decocino online shop from the end of March 2023.


  • Shiny design highlights for every kitchen
  • non-stick coated carbon steel
  • with Swiss coating
  • extra heavy quality
  • heat resistant up to 220°C
  • dishwasher safe

Click here for the Product Video.

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Baking with Organic Ingredients

Baking and cake decorations in organic quality at BIOFACH 2023

Helmstadt-Bargen, 01.02.2023. Bake with organic ingredients and be creative - Decocino offers trade partners and baking fans the organic baking products that meet the trend. Just in time for this year's BIOFACH in Nuremberg, the baking decoration specialist is expanding its organic range. ... read more... go back

An absolute novelty are the ready-to-use Cake Drips in organic quality from the tube. Drips are very popular as decoration for cakes and cupcakes. The “drip” look adds zest and color to delicate creations. Decocino Organic Cake Drips have a delicious taste and are sure to succeed. The application is very easy. Simply heat the tube in the microwave or in a hot water bath according to the package instructions, shake well and the drip can be applied directly from the tube. Decocino Bio Cake Drips come in four colours: Blue, Red, Green and Yellow. The colorants are purely vegetable and obtained from controlled organic cultivation. One tube is sufficient for the edge garnish or drip of a cake with a diameter of approximate 26 centimeters or for frosting and decorating cupcakes, donuts and much more.

There are also new additions to the organic sprinkles range. From March, two new organic sprinkle mixes will expand the fresh, young decoration assortment: “Flower Power” – colourful mini marguerites in pastel shades – and “Pastel” – sweet pearls in various sizes and pastel colours. All sprinkles mixes are made with vegetable dyes from controlled organic cultivation. Another highlight is the packaging in a transparent plastic cube. It is resealable and reusable and offers many creative possibilities for upcycling.

The range of baking ingredients and baking decorations with all the new products will be presented for the first time at this year’s BIOFACH. Be inspired by the Decocino organic baking product world and visit us from 14.02.2023 to 17.02.2023 at our stand at BIOFACH 2023 in Nuremberg, Hall 7, Stand 7-380.

More about the Decocino Bio assortment

Finest Products for Chocolate Making

Make your own chocolates

Helmstadt-Bargen, 28.09.2022. Pralines and truffles are a chocolaty treat for the senses and the crowning glory of chocolaterie. With the new praline products from Decocino, anyone can make the little treasures themselves. ... read more... go back

Decocino’s brand new themed display contains all the components needed to make pralines, except fresh products: melt-in-the-mouth nougat with 33% hazelnut, couverture chips made from the finest Belgian chocolate, glucose syrup, aromatic fruit, coconut, tonka and Marc de Champagne paste and praline hollow balls in dark and white chocolate.

For the decoration, there are two types of couverture, pink coconut flakes, crunchy mini chocolate pearls and golden glitter cocoa to choose from. Those with particularly noble creations in mind can decorate their chocolates with a touch of Decocino’s gold or silver leaf.

Anyone can prepare highly refined pralines with these new products. All chocolates, fillings and decorations are of the finest quality. Thus, the homemade masterpieces become tasteful highlights that melt in your mouth.

Decocino’s praline products – quality at its best

  • finest chocolates
  • high-quality flavours
  • ready-to-use glucose syrup in a handy tube
  • delicately melting nougat
  • noble decorations

The new products will be available from the beginning of October 2022 in supermarkets, on Amazon and in the Decocino webshop.

On Youtube Decocino also offers the recipe with instruction video for nougat pearls truffles and for raspberry truffles for praline production at home.

NEW: Glitter Cocoa

Cocoa meets glitter

Helmstadt-Bargen, 02.06.2022. Give your baked goods, desserts and drinks an elegant look with the new Decocino Glitter Cocoa. Thanks to 92% cocoa content, the sparkling cake decoration tastes like fine-tasting cocoa with a hint of bittersweet. ... read more... go back

Fits hot and cold

With Decocino’s glitter cocoa, baked goods, desserts and drinks are refined in an instant. The shiny decoration is stable on cream, freeze- and heat-resistant and adds sparkling shine to ice cream, iced coffee, cappuccino, hot waffles, Berliners, truffles, mousse-au-chocolat, brownies, cream and chocolate cakes and all other treats.

Glitter for classics

Decocino glitter cocoa is also ideal for pastry classics such as tiramisu, donauwelle and warm chocolate tartlets. Simply sprinkle it on and the familiar, delicious pastry is transformed into a nobly shimmering baked good.

Practical sprinkle tin

Thanks to the practical sprinkling tin, Decocino glitter cocoa can be individually dosed and used again and again for decorating.

The new product will be available in food retailers from the beginning of June 2022.

See Product Video

NEW: Baking Frames and Cake Ring

Perfect cake shapes

Helmstadt-Bargen, 02.06.2022. With these individually adjustable cake ring and baking frames made of high-quality stainless steel, you can bake your favorite cakes and pies in every desired size. The baking frames and the cake ring are also ideal for layering cream cakes. To clean them, simply put them in the dishwasher. ... read more... go back

Set size individually

With the new baking frames and the cake ring by Decocino you can bake cakes and pies in different sizes. The baking accessoires also ensure exactly round or angular, smooth edges. The two baking frames, five and seven centimeters high can be adjusted from 20 x 20 centimeters to 37 x 37 centimeters individually. They fit onto any standard oven tray.

Engraved centimeter scale

Thanks to the engraved centimeter scale and guide clips, setting the size is child’s play. This makes it easy to bake sheet cakes, fruit slices, Danube waves, square cream and motif cakes perfectly, layer them effortlessly in the pan and transport them safety.

Extra high cake ring perfect for layering

The cake ring with a height of 8.5 centimeters is ideal for baking sponge cakes, sponge cakes and short pastry from 15 to 30 centimeters in diameter as well as for layering cream cakes. Thanks to engraved centimeter indication, the setting works without additional measuring. The integrated locking knobs and the locking clamp ensure that the cake ring keeps its shape during baking.

High-quality stainless steel

The three baking accessoires are made of high-quality, thick-walled premium stainless steel. They are heat-resistant up to 200°C, rustproof and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

The three new products will be available from mid-May 2022 in specialist stores and online on Amazon and www.decocino.com, among other places.

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Digitalisation at Dekoback

Liquidity planning firmly under control

Helmstadt-Bargen, 31.05.2022. With the introduction of the cloud-based solution for liquidity planning Agicap, the bakery deco manufacturer continues to drive digitalisation forward. ... read more... go back

Cloud-based solution with Agicap

Keeping a balance between liquidity and investment plans is a major challenge for a fast-growing startup like Dekoback. Dekoback was founded in 2009 near Sinsheim, Germany. The owner-managed family business now employs around 140 people and is the second-place market leader for baking decorations and baking accessories in Germany.

Planning reliability and transparency

In the meantime, Dekoback has had to move several times to larger business and storage premises. Most recently, the purchase of the warehouses at the site was realized. In addition, the sometimes very costly and lengthy development of innovative new products and the establishment of new lines of business make transparency and planning security imperative as the basis for solid financing.

Financial data in real time

With Agicap, management gets a transparent view of liquidity at any time at the push of a button and can base strategic decisions on real-time data. In the video, CFO Sven Richter explains the advantages of the liquidity management software in everyday work and reveals why Dekoback chose Agicap.

Watch video

Sponge Cake and Meringue Mixes

Sure to succeed makes Fun

Helmstadt-Bargen, 21.02.2022. Baking can be so easy! The new sponge cake and meringue mixes by Decocino are not only delicious. They are also sure to succeed, easy to prepare and extremely versatile. ... read more... go back

For sponge cake rolls and more

Fluffy sponge cake bases are child’s play with this baking mix. Sponge cake bases, sponge cake rolls, fruit cakes, cream cakes or other recipes with sponge cake dough can be prepared in no time with Decocino baking mix. The sponge cake baking mix is mixed with eggs and water and is the fail-safe, quick and easy alternative to conventional baking of sponge cake recipes. The dough can be refined with food colours, baking cocoa, chocolate drops, flavors and more. One package of sponge cake with 250g is sufficient for a sponge cake base with a diameter of 26 centimeter, which can be divided up to two times, or for a sponge cake roll.

Meringue dreams come true

Decocino meringue baking mix makes meringue dreams come true. From now on, meringues, meringue cakes and meringue pastries are easy and quick to prepare, not only for professionals but also for amateur bakers. Decocino meringue mix is simply mixed with water, and fluffy coconut macaroons, nut macaroons, and fruit cakes with meringue topping are child’s play to make. Depending on the baking time, the baked goods with meringue remain fluffy and soft on the inside. Decocino Meringue is also ideal as royal icing. The meringue can be perfectly colored with food dyes or refined with flavor pastes, baking aromas, chopped nuts or chocolate shavings.

Both new products will be available from March 2022.

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Dekoback in the IHK-Magazine

Stationary retail for groceries still No. 1

Helmstadt-Bargen, 01.10.2021. Online trade with foodstuffs has recorded enormous growth rates in the last year. IHK journalist Ulla Cramer asked DEKOBACK about its experience in the food industry. ... read more... go back

Read in the cover story of the IHK magazine with DEKOBACK Managing Director Sascha Hohl why stationary trade is still the main sales channel for food.