Full steam

Dekoback History

Co-founder Rüdiger Settelmeier spent ages searching in retail stores and online to fulfil his niece’s ardent desire for her birthday: a Winnie the Pooh cake tin. Finding nothing, he couldn’t let the matter lie: “In Germany alone, around nine million children between the ages of one and twelve celebrate a birthday – there must be so many other children who want a birthday cake that features their favourite movie character,” he realised.

Launching with licensed products

A year later, he launched an online baking accessories store in partnership with Sascha Hohl and Ceyhan Serbest, and in 2010 they signed their first licensing deals with Disney, Lucasfilm, Pixar, Marvel and Mattel. In 2011, they developed their first unique product, Dekoback sugar paste, and began marketing their cake decorations via major toy and food store chains.

Baking trend items in the supermarket

The revolution in the bakery aisles began. The three founders are constantly developing new decorative items for bakers, and expanding their network of retail partners in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Cake decorating products, which were previously only available from specialist, overseas online shops can now be purchased by any home baker in the supermarket with ease.

Over 30,000 sales outlets worldwide

Since 2015, Dekoback has also expanded to other countries, with Dekoback’s decorative baking products now being available at over 30,000 sales outlets across the globe. This international approach resulted in the introduction of the Decocino brand name for Dekoback’s decorative baking products in early 2015.

In 2016, Dekoback developed a new product line: greeting treats and presents for cats and dogs, once again, the family is at the forefront of their product development. Co-founder Settelmeier shares his family life with two Tibetan terriers. Dekoback started development and distribution of the Cabioke brand of organic baking products in 2017.


Beeing in tune with current trends, quickly developing suitable products, then bringing them to market: that is what Dekoback is all about.


With the constant expansion of brands, products, and its distribution network, the business continues to grow. Accordingly, Dekoback moved into new warehousing and business premises in Helmstadt in southwest Germany, near its previous location in Reichartshausen, at the end of 2017.


Dekoback products are produced to stringent standards, using our own recipes, in Europe and elsewhere. Employees of our internal quality management at our facilities in Reichartshausen team carefully check all products before they are shipped to retailers.

Acting with

Dekoback Philosophy

Customer orientation

The worm should taste good to the fish, not to the fisherman. This much-evoked image from the world of advertising applies equally to the market for consumer goods. Our direct customers are our retail partners, but the ultimate target group is those individuals who buy our products from their stores and online shops. Our thoughts turn to them and their needs, day in, day out, and our entire attention is given over to them. We develop, advertise, and market our products for them. In order to remain close to them and their needs, we are highly engaged in blogs, YouTube, and social networking, and engage in direct dialogue with those customers.


Product design and packaging design ensure that our products attract attention in the stores, distinguishing them from our competitors’ items, and building customer satisfaction among end uses. They also represent an added value that is increasingly significant in the world of consumer goods. By placing such a high value on our product and packaging design, we aim to give the consumer the feeling that, in addition to all our products’ practical uses and high quality standards, they are buying something special, beautiful, trendy, and wonderful.

Daring to be different

Breaking new ground always means assuming a degree of risk, endangering hard-won comfort zones. On the other hand, without risk, there is no progress. Nothing new is ever achieved without assuming that risk – and all our customers benefit as a result. With our expanding product family and our innovative range of new products, we are paving the way for that progress.