Growth Driver

Hidden Champion

Hidden champions don’t just exist in technology. There are also major players in the food industry in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Since its founding in 2009, Dekoback has grown from a three-man startup to a national industry player with around 140 employees. Since 2019, the company has consistently recorded the highest growth rates in the baking decoration industry. In 2021, the house brand “Decocino” won the “Top Marke” prize in the area of baking decorations and baking ingredients. “Top Marke” is  one of the highest rewards in the food industry in Germany awarded by “Lebensmittelzeitung” and “GfK – Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung Nürnberg”.

Family values

The founders and owners Sascha Hohl, Ceyhan Serbest and Rüdiger Settelmeier still form the management team. Dekoback sees itself as a family business. Some family members work in the company. In addition, the three company leaders attach great importance to continuity and trust. While product development thrives on constant reinvention, they rely on long-standing and solid relationships when working together as a team and with partners.


As a founding member of – Lebensmitteletzwerk Rhein-Neckar e.V., we also represent the interests of around 250 companies with approximately 8,000 employees. Making the food industry attractive to trainees, graduates, specialists and managers is one of the reasons why we are committed to the industry in the region. The – Lebensmitteletzwerk Rhein-Neckar e.V. also stands for knowledge exchange, cooperation, joint business development and the promotion of education and training in the food industry.

On the pulse of time

Tracking down current product trends, quickly developing the right products and launching them on the market – that is one of Dekoback’s core competencies. We can only maintain this pace together by working hand in hand as a team.

High logistics capacities

As the product range and distribution network continue to expand, so does the company. In 2018, Dekoback moved to new warehouse in Helmstadt-Bargen in southwestern Germany, near Sinsheim. The move doubled storage capacity to 4,800 pallet spaces. The administration is housed in a modern business building directly on the site.

Quality standard

Dekoback products are produced according to strict standards and in-house recipes in European and non-European countries. Dekoback is certified according to the IFS International Food Standard and has achieved top marks for years in a row.

Acting with

Dekoback Philosophy

Customer orientation

The worm should taste good to the fish and not to the angler. This much-vaunted image from advertising translates well to the consumer goods market. Our direct customers are our trading partners. But the ultimate target group is the people who buy our products in the stores and on the portals of our retail partners. Our daily thoughts revolve around them and their needs. They are the focus of all our attention. We develop, promote and market our products for them.


Product design and packaging design ensure attention on the shelf, differentiation from the competition and satisfaction among end customers. The high value we place on our product and packaging design is reflected in the turnover and sales figures of our retail partners and conveys to end customers the quality that is in the package.


Responsible use of resources is mandatory for all. As early as 2014, Dekoback switched production of the food coloring pastes of its house brand “Decocino” to natural, AZO-free colorants. In 2016, the palm oil-free baking release spray was launched. In 2017, the sugar paste was changed to an improved formula with shea butter and without palm oil. Since 2020, there has been an organic line and numerous vegetarian and vegan products.

Sustainability is also an important issue when it comes to packaging. We do without plastic wherever quality does not suffer as a result. For example, in 2020 a whole range of products were switched from plastic blister packaging to folding carton packaging.




The “Buttercream to Mix,” developed in 2021 and very well received, is expanded in 2022 to include two additional products – “Sponge Cake to Mix” and “Meringue to Mix. The convenience concept of the ready-mixes leads to results that are sure to succeed and makes baking much easier.

Expansion of the cooperation with the well-known influencer Sallys Welt and the discounter Lidl. In addition to Sally’s vanilla extract, a range of tasty bread baking mixes is developed, among other things.


Logistics move to its own warehouses on the site, doubling storage capacity to 4,800 pallet spaces.
Decocino is named “Top Marke 2021” in the bakery decor sector by the Lebensmittelzeitung and the GfK Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung Nuremberg.

The packaging layout gets a facelift with a clear, modern font and fresh ambience photos on the front.


Dekoback adopts a new sales structure with its own permanent sales representatives. By 2022, the sales team grows to 20 employees, who provide expert advice and support to retail partners and specialist trade customers along the route.


The entire company moves to its new headquarters in Helmstadt-Bargen. The spacious commercial site originally belonged to the bankrupt MWH Möbelwerke Helmstadt and was developed by Zapf Projektentwicklungs-GmbH. The administration building, which originally housed the furniture factory’s administration and showrooms, offers space for the growing number of employees in a loft-like ambience. The logistics areas have been considerably enlarged.


The registered baking brand “Decocino” is introduced as part of the ongoing expansion. The new name is easier to understand internationally and is pronounced “dekokino” or “dekotschino,” depending on the language. The accompanying packaging relaunch sets strong color accents on the baking shelves for the first time with the new “berry and blue” color scheme.


Expansion into Austria. The neighboring country is now the second-largest sales market for the company’s in-house baking products. 2022 Dekoback exported to a total of 20 countries in Europe and beyond.


Dekoback is the first food supplier to introduce sugar paste to German supermarkets. Now not only confectioners but also end consumers could cover their cakes and cupcakes with a smooth, white or colored sugar paste. This moment marked the beginning of creative baking for Hoppybäcker.


Foundation of Dekoback GmbH, online retailer for baking accessories, by Sascha Hohl, Ceyhan Serbest and Rüdiger Settelmeier (company name initially: Online-Ideen)